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Harmonix Turf Defense

Programme Planning

The diagram below illustrates how Harmonix® Turf Defense can be integrated with the use of conventional synthetic fungicides for Microdochium patch and other disease control programmes based on the following principles;

  1. Conventional fungicides should form the pillars of any integrated disease management plan. Based on specific site and climate data, continue the use of periodic fungicides to support your overall strategy. It is always best to use fungicides preventatively, before symptoms are visible but when the conditions for disease are expected (consider the disease triangle).

  2. Use Harmonix® Turf Defense between and around applications of conventional fungicides. This allows application intervals between fungicides to be extended. Therefore, reducing overall usage of conventional. These intervals will vary depending on the conditions.

  3. Harmonix® Turf Defense increases the overall effectiveness of a non-fungicidal disease management plan that utilises biostimulants and nutrients to reduce disease and minimise adverse impact to golf green performance.

  4. Incorporate and alternate conventional fungicides with different modes of action to minimise the risk of resistance.

  5. The use of all fungicides should be done in conjunction with a supportive integrated pest/disease management program and good cultural practices.

  6. The result is a reduction in disease incidence using less conventional fungicides by building Harmonix® Turf Defense into an effective integrated program.

  7. For more information on how to build Harmonix Turf Defense into an integrated disease management program, speak to us or our licensed distributors.


Application and Usage

  • 10 applications maximum, year-round use on managed amenity turf (see label)

  • Timing: Early curative and Preventative

  • For use to extend synthetic fungicides intervals, reducing number of applications

  • Minimum interval of 7 days between applications

  • Rate: 25 L/Ha

  • 200 to 600 L/Ha water volume

  • Rainfast: 3 hours

  • No need to add adjuvant

HTD Hybrid Programme
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