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Harmonix Turf Defense

For turf managers who want to invest in environmentally friendly turf solutions

Harmonix® Turf Defense is the first and only registered turf bio-control fungicide in the UK and Ireland with broad-spectrum contact fungicidal activity, proven to reduce the need for chemical products and change attitudes. It is intended to be used to control turf diseases such as: microdochium patch, anthracnose and dollar spot.

Harmonix® Turf Defense is intended for the control of fungal diseases on golf courses (tees, greens and fairways) and sports turf (football and rugby pitches, tennis, bowls and cricket pitches) and can be used all year round, on grass in vegetative rest or actively growing.

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// Our latest fungicidal innovation contains a patented strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (QST 713), which naturally produces high volumes of bioactive compounds called Lipopeptides. These compounds have fungicidal activity through direct contact with plant pathogenic fungi.

// The Lipopeptide compounds are produced during the manufacturing process and are present in the finished product to have immediate activity from the moment of spraying. When production is complete, the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens is placed into endospore form meaning the product has a shelf life of two years.

// In addition to the contact action, Harmonix® Turf Defense primes turf to defend itself against pathogens. The induced response activates the salicylic acid (Systemic Acquired Resistance) and gibberellic acid (Induced Systemic Resistance) pathways.

// The beneficial bacteria in Harmonix® Turf Defense form a mutual relationship with the plant in the root zone. The root exudates feed the growing bacilius biofilm, which in turn protects and promotes the plant's health through production of its many biological compounds. This also has a beneficial effect of an enhanced root structure and improved nutrient mobilisation and uptake.

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As part of an integrated management program, Harmonix® Turf Defense can reduce the number of synthetic fungicides required, decrease severity of disease outbreaks, improve turf quality and overall disease prevention.

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