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Harmonix Turf Defense

How does Harmonix® Turf Defense work?

Harmonix® Turf Defense is a bio-control fungicide which contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. This naturally produces bioactive compounds that have fungicidal activity through direct contact with plant pathogenic fungi.

Lipopetide compounds are produced during the manufacturing process and are present in the finished product in order to have immediate activity from the moment of spraying.

On contact, these lipopeptides physically disrupt the cell membranes of the pathogen, resulting in physical breakdown of its cells.


Mode of Action - Multisite Fungicide 

  • Harmonix Turf Defense® produces Lipopeptides during the fermentation process

  • Lipopeptides are active biological compounds

  • Three classes of Lipopeptides in Harmonix® Turf Defense are complementary in their mode of action - iturins, agrastatins and surfactins

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens induces the natural defenses of plants by activating their defense genes

  • It also acts by competition space/nutrition by creating a protective biofilm at the roots

Lipopeptides in Harmonix® Turf Defense

Three classes of Lipopeptides in Harmonix® Turf Defense are complementary in their mode of action.

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The effect of Harmonix® Turf Defense lipopeptides on fungal membrane

Lipopeptides are like tiny nails that can puncture and penetrate the plasma membrane of fungi

The lipopeptides in Harmonix® Turf Defense are made up of fatty acid tail and peptide head. The fatty acid tail is hydrophobic (meaning it repels water) and the peptide head is hydrophilic (meaning it attracts water). This unique combination allows lipopeptides to insert themselves into the fungal cell membrane by forming a tightly packed ring-like structure that can pierce through the membrane.

Once inside, the lipopeptides disrupt the normal functioning of the fungal cell membrane, causing it to leak and eventually leading to the death of the fungus. 

HTD lipopeptides act like nails
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