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Harmonix Turf Defense

Harmonix® Turf Defense is a bio-control fungicide alternative for preventative and early curative control, to fight against the main turf diseases in an effective and sustainable way.

// What are bio-control pesticides and how do they work?

Bio-control fungicide, also known as biological fungicides or biopesticides, are pest management agents derived from natural sources, such as microorganisms, plants, or other biological materials. They are used to control pests, including insects, pathogens (such as bacteria and fungi), nematodes, and weeds, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Bio-control pesticides work through various mechanisms, including:

  1. Predation: Predatory organisms, such as certain insects or mites, are used to target and consume pest species.

  2. Parasitism: Parasitic organisms, such as beneficial nematodes, lay their eggs inside or on the pest, leading to its eventual death.

  3. Pathogenesis: Pathogenic microorganisms, such as certain bacteria, fungi, or viruses, can infect and/or destroy the targeted pests through various mode of actions.

  4. Competition: Beneficial organisms, including certain plants or microorganisms, compete with pests for resources, such as space or nutrients, reducing pest populations.

// Bio-control pesticides offer several advantages over conventional chemical pesticides

  • Environmental Friendliness: Bio-control pesticides have reduced toxicity to non-target organisms, including humans, wildlife, and beneficial insects, and they generally have minimal impact on the environment.

  • Targeted Specificity: Many biocontrol agents exhibit a high degree of specificity towards their target pests, minimizing harm to beneficial organisms.

  • Reduced Residue Levels: Bio-control pesticides often leave little to no residues in the environment or on turf, reducing concerns about safety and contamination.

  • Sustainable Pest Management: Bio-control agents can be integrated into pest management programs, promoting long-term sustainability and reducing reliance on synthetic chemical pesticides.


The difference between Bio-controls and Biostimulants


Differentiating between bio-controls and biostimulants allows for targeted and effective management strategies. Bio-control focuses on controlling pests and diseases using natural enemies or organisms, while biostimulants aim to enhance plant growth and stress tolerance.

By understanding these distinctions, turf managers can choose the most appropriate solution for their specific needs, ensuring effective pest management and optimising turf health and performance. Take some time to study the table below to understand the key differences.

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The Future of  pesticides in Turf Management

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In the UK and Ireland, the withdrawal of active substances for amenity use has made managing high performing turf surfaces harder than ever. There are still a number of unknowns about the future of pesticide use but if we review the current directive and it’s aims, we see that it is unlikely to get an easier:

It's important to note that specific regulations and implementation measures will vary in the UK and in EU Member States. However, it is clear that in order to meet the future legislative challenges, turf managers will need more sustainable solutions, and this is where bio-controls such as Harmonix Turf Defense will play a pivotal role.

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