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Harmonix® Rodent Paste


Harmonix® Rodent Paste

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Product Overview

Harmonix® Rodent Paste is the result of years of innovation leading to the development of a completely new solution, based on the active substance cholecalciferol. Available in an optimised bait matrix and in modern, sustainable packaging. 

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Product Description


To be used in multiple situations including; indoors and around buildings, outdoor open areas and waste dumps. furthermore, direct application into the rat burrow.



The stop feeding effect will save up to 50% less bait.



From chemistry to packaging to application.



Harmonix® Monitoring Paste and Harmonix® Rodent Paste contain a similar bait matrix, making them a winning solution in a Dynamic IPM program.


Use & Safety

Where to use

Indoor Outdoor Commercial building Public building Burrows Waste dumps

What to control

Black rat House Mouse Norway Rat

Application rates and delivery

Mice (Mus Musculus):

LOW TO MODERATE - 20g per baiting point every 5-20 m

HIGH - 20g per baiting point every 2-5 m

Rats (R. norvegicus R. rattus

LOW TO MODERATE - 100-200g per baiting point every 10-20 m

HIGH - 100-200g per baiting point every 3-10 m

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