StressGard Formulation Technology

The most advanced turf formulation from Envu yet.

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StressGard™ Formulation Technology is unique to Envu, has taken over 15 years of Research and Development and has been specifically designed for turf. It is a unique combination of active ingredients, inert ingredients and turf specific co-formulants which help the product perform in unique turf disease stress conditions.

Interface® is the first UK fungicide developed using StressGard™ Formulation Technology providing the following turf benefits:

• Broad-spectrum dual-action fungicide
• Enhanced turf colour
• Better UV stress management
• Increased drought tolerance
• Improved turf quality

Some of these benefits may be available separately in fungicides and plant health products from other manufacturers; but Interface®with StressGard™ Formulation Technology has these proven technologies already built in. The benefits add up to improved disease control, enhanced turf colour and density, and overall improvements in turf quality. StressGard™ Formulation Technology enhances the ability of Interface® to deliver turf health benefits by augmenting plant physiology so turf fights stress and performs better.

Broad-spectrum fungicide
Interface® with StressGard™ Formulation Technology contains iprodione and trifloxystrobin, which can be used at any stage of the disease and at any time of the year; delivering preventative, curative and eradicant disease control and long-lasting protection against the 6 key turf diseases:

Microdochium Patch
Red Thread
Dollar Spot
Leaf Spot

Enhanced turf colour

Interface® with StressGard™ Formulation Technology enhances the chlorophyll related green turf colour, adding to the natural aesthetic characteristics of turfgrass. The improved natural appearance lasts up to 6 weeks.

Better UV stress management

Interface® with StressGard™ Formulation Technology reduces the impact of harmful ultraviolet radiation and selectively allows for the transmission of red and blue light wavelengths used by turf plants for photosynthesis. Products that block all radiation, including the red and blue wavelengths, may actually injure plants by reducing the light available for photosynthesis (McCarty, B., Gore, A. and Gann, J. 2014). The degree of selective radiation and light filtration has not been scientifically documented for non-StressGard™ Formulation Technology products.

Increased drought tolerance

Interface® with StressGard™ Formulation Technology contains trifloxystrobin and can be used to assist in stress reduction on turfgrass. Trifloxystrobin reduces oxidative stress in plants, resulting in increased tolerance to drought and other abiotic factors (Han et al. 2012). It has been proven to improve turf quality under drought stress conditions (based on Envu EU 2014 data).

Turf quality

Interface® with StressGard™ Formulation Technology is proven to improve turf quality, resulting in improved playability. This includes improvements in turf density, visual appearance and homogenity of turf. Data has been accumulated from a large number of independent UK trials to verify these turf quality attributes. Therefore the turf is better able to handle physical stresses such as traffic and cutting stress. These all result in visibly healthier turf.

Download the new technical sheet which explains how Interface® with new StressGard™ Formulation Technology delivers excellent disease control and improves plant health here