Harmonix® Rodent Paste – new wide use rodenticide

Harmonix® Rodent Paste marks a new era in pest control, with it being the first new product on the market with extensive label usage for a very long time.

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This solution is another tool to add to the pest controller’s toolbox and it comes at a time when anticoagulant resistance and labels on other products are becoming more restrictive.

Here you can find out more about Harmonix® Rodent Paste and how professional pest controllers can integrate this solution into wider control programmes.

Harmonix® Rodent Paste  

Harmonix® Rodent Paste
is a new high-performance cholecalciferol rodenticide which has extensive label usage, allowing it to be used in open areas and burrows.

This flexible new solution allows professional pest controllers to tackle rodents in a wide number of scenarios.

Harmonix® Rodent Paste can be used in the following locations:

  • In and around buildings
  • Open areas
  • Waste dumps
  • Burrow baiting
  • Covered and protected baiting points
  • Within rodent stations

Dynamic integrated pest management  

This new rodenticide means Envu can offer a unique and exclusive rodent control programme, allowing a dynamic integrated approach to be taken.

Harmonix® Monitoring Paste and Harmonix® Rodent Paste have a similar bait matrix, which will allow professional pest controllers to easily change from a monitoring programme to a control programme, allowing any bait shyness to be overcome, while achieving swift control.

Dynamic Integrated Pest management has three key components:

  1. Prevention – this stage of the process involves implementing high hygiene and proofing techniques to prevent rodents becoming a problem in the first place.
  2. Monitoring – if pest controllers suspect rodents are present, they should put Harmonix® Monitoring Paste down and then if activity is identified they should change over to rodent paste. Once the infestation has been eliminated a monitoring programme can be resumed.
  3. Treatment – using Harmonix® Rodent Paste once infestations are identified will allow quick, successful control over rodents. Using this in combination with the monitoring paste will help overcome bait shyness and decrease the amount of bait required.

Less bait, same performance

When using Harmonix® Rodent Paste less bait is required to achieve the same performance. After only a few days of baiting, the rodent consumes a lethal dose and therefore stops feeding. 

The stop feeding effect has dramatic consequences to rodent behaviour and treatment which in turn has three notable benefits:

  • Environmental impact – the stop feeding effect will reduce bait use by 50%, this helps to minimise the amount of active ingredient entering the environment
  • Damage – as rodents feed on almost anything consumable, decreasing or stopping their appetite will greatly reduce the damage they cause
  • Disease – Due to their lack of appetite and fatigue rodents have less opportunities to spread disease to humans and livestock

Environmental benefits

Due to the mode of action and unique formulation in Harmonix® Rodent Paste, this new solution has many environmental benefits, such as; 

Harmonix® Rodent Paste:

  • Is not classified as toxic to reproduction
  • Is not persistent or bio-accumulative in the environment

In addition, the packaging of this solution is much more sustainable:

  • New flex-bag – modern and flexible packaging, easy to use and store
  • More sustainable – up to 80% less plastic
  • Less waste – reducing plastic waste with efficient packaging

Once available, Harmonix® Rodent Paste will be the go-to rodenticide, due to its high performing formulation and environmental credentials.

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Watch our recent webinar with BPCA and Richard Moseley our Technical Manager for Professional Pest Control: 

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Harmonix® Rodent Paste

Harmonix® Rodent Paste is the result of years of innovation...

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Harmonix® Rodent Paste
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