Latest updates on rodenticide stewardship explained at CropTec

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Farmers wanting to find out the latest updates on rodenticide stewardship should not miss the dedicated seminar on the topic at CropTec.

Envu technical manager, Richard Moseley will present on the changes to Envu rodenticide product labels, why they are important and what they mean for farmers. He will cover the new regulations which dictate that anyone applying second generation anticoagulant rodenticides are required to be fully competent and hold a professional certification, following training.

Richard will outline details of new stewardship protocol, new product labelling and advise on best practice in rodent control.

And stewardship is high on the agenda for the company. “Envu led the way with the stewardship changes, by being the first company to amend all labels for their entire rodenticide range, in July this year, to keep in line with CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) guidelines,” says Richard.  

“We know our products are essential to on farm rodent control, but we understand the need to address the wider environmental impact, in an industry led solution to responsible rodenticide use,” says Richard.

Envu works very closely with CRRU and its commitment to rodenticide stewardship and educating farmers on best practise, is crucial to ensuring that Envu products are used in the most responsible way possible.

“The training courses, that allow farmers to obtain certification to purchase and apply rodenticides with the new labels, have seen great uptake of attendance, and expect more farmers to sign up now that the deadline date has passed (1 October 2016),” adds Richard.

There are approximately 11 different qualifications to choose from, these can be taken at various locations across the country on numerous dates. And for those that are unable to attend a classroom based session, there are online training courses, such as one run by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) that includes a BASIS exam after completion. Farmers can also talk to the BPCA, who’s stand (185) will be located next to Envu at CropTec.

Some farm assurance schemes are stewardship-approved and membership will allow farmers to continue to purchase products with the updated labelling. Full details on all of the training courses, approved certifications and farm assurance schemes can be found at: .

Richard Moseley will be speaking in the grain hub at 15:00 on Tuesday 29 November and 15:00 on Wednesday 30 November and you can talk to the Envu Pest Solutions Team on stand 184.