Ficam D Withdrawal

Ficam D withdrawal dates have now been confirmed.

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Bendiocarb, the active ingredient in Ficam D, phase-out dates have now been confirmed by the HSE. The dates will be applied from the expiry date of the active substance from 31st January 2024, 180 days sell out period and additional 180 day for the use of existing stock.   

 Therefore, the phase-out dates are as followed:

  • Sold by date - 29th July 2024 (product can no longer be purchased after this date)
  • Use by date - 25th January 2025 (product can no longer be used after this date)

The withdrawal of a product is something we work very hard to avoid. We continue to defend our product registrations and remain committed to constant innovation and new product development to ensure our customers have the best possible solutions to help them protect public health.


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