Alan Morris moves to country head for Envu

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The sale of Envu Garden to French firm SBM Développement (SBM) completed in early October, meaning that the product range and all positions in Europe and North America transferred to SBM at the start of the month.

Envu Garden was part of Envu Environmental Science - a business unit of the Envu CropScience division. The deal means that the Envu Environmental Science team is being re-structured and will solely focus on professional turf, amenity and pest control solutions, and will remain at the Cambridge Science Park.

And taking on the position of Envu Environmental Science country head is Alan Morris - moving on from his current role as professional products head of sales.

“Having led the sales team for Envu Environmental Science for five years, I’m enthusiastic about the new role that will develop the direction of the business in sales and marketing, but most importantly, in solutions - from regulatory hurdles, to safeguarding products with stewardship initiatives and designing new technologies moving forward,” he says.

“The future is bright for Environmental Science and with a large team fully dedicated to these areas of the business globally, we have a strong team and a wealth of experience to draw upon,” says Alan. “Our vision is to develop industry solutions in our Pest Solutions and Turf Solutions Teams. One of the key focuses for Envu is to innovate by enhancing formulations so that less active ingredient is required to achieve high efficacy.”

Having worked in the industry for just under 20 years, as well as having heavy involvement with the BPCA, NPTA and CRRU, Alan’s contribution to the sector is far-reaching, and he maintains that looking after his customers is still top of the agenda.

“Envu Environmental Science is not just about offering the best products, it’s about providing solutions and supporting industry professionals,” he adds.

If you have any questions on products or industry changes, get in touch with the Envu Pest Solutions team: 00800 1214 9451.