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Here's what our customers are saying about Harmonix Rodent Paste.

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Harmonix Rodent Paste is already making the lives of pest controllers easier, especially when it comes to managing complex rodent infestations, whilst reducing environmental risks.  Here’s what some of our valued customers had to say recently:


Christopher Venables, Director at Venables Pest Control

I started using Harmonix Rodent Paste as soon as I was able to and I have to say I am very impressed with its palatability on a wide range of sites- from agricultural to domestic.

I applied it in several different ways at first, to see what would be the best way to apply it to obtain fast and effective control.

I found uptake was aggressive and steady when in competition with other food sources, such as grain and animal feeds. With it being suitable for burrow baiting, it allowed for quicker consumption, much quicker than previously seen with competing food sources.

The physical action is very effective and has allowed me to get complete control on many a site within less than 10 days. Source baiting, burrow baiting, hanging internally and in bait trays have all been successfully taken. When it comes to hole baiting, I have found to wire as deep as possible into the hole, so selecting the right one is a benefit, giving the rodents no other option but to take down into the burrow.

The dominant rodents will succumb first, then the less dominant and so on. Regular applications should be given over several days, but most importantly it’s important to let the rodents consume their current food sources first and solve ingress issues first, to increase uptake.

Brilliant product to have and use, less stress and great results!


Adrian Sparrowhawk, Pest Control Technician at ATMM Pest Control

Excellent product with quick results.


Tim Stevens, Pest Control Supervisor in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets

I have found that this bait is readily taken by rats. It is very palatable to them. It is fast acting and clears infestations very quickly. The added benefit that it can be used for burrow baiting is a big plus for us.


Mick Wren, Pest Controller from MJW Pest Control in Berkshire

This is a great product, and its mode of action is really good. I’ve used three bags of it so far after finding out about it at a trade show.

I’ve tried competitor’s products, which weren’t as good. The price is higher than some other products on the market but I will continue to use it, as it is such a good product and can be used for burrow baiting.


Jonathon Ely, Director of Three Counties Pest Control

Excellent knockdown especially in burrow baiting, providing customers with visible evidence of control.

I’ve used Harmonix Rodent Paste for burrow baiting twice and it worked almost immediately, and the rats were no longer visible within 24 hours.


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