Time to go digital?

New payment plan offers pest controllers support and flexibility to make the move

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Going digital with pest management can be daunting. Not only is there new technology to embrace and new costing elements to consider, but pest controllers don’t want to feel like they are being put out of a job. We’re here to explain why these concerns needn’t be a worry.

Digital pest solutions are revolutionising the way pest management is delivered. As new ideas, new features and new monitoring devices are rolled out, Digital Pest Management will inevitably become a more powerful pest management tool.

With a new payment plan, it is now more affordable and easier to integrate into current service contracts and agreements over a three-year contract. Let’s find out more.


So how does Digital Pest Management support pest controllers?

Envu Environmental Science’s Digital Pest Management system is designed to improve service delivery, ensure transparency of service as well as demonstrating their compliance, all of this whilst adding value to the services they deliver to customers and clients when it comes to the monitoring of rodents. It offers 24/7 uninterrupted monitoring and real-time capture alerts to allow for a proactive and targeted response – keeping clients happy and ensuring they have peace of mind that their pest control commitments are in safe hands.

One of its key benefits is that it saves time in the field, as PCO’s will know exactly which traps have been triggered and therefore need to be checked, avoiding unnecessary visits to site. With date and timed stamped alerts, it also provides extra knowledge for understanding rodent behaviour, which will help with predicting and preventing future activity.

With more understanding of rodent behaviour, pest controllers can spend their time and expertise offering a more meaningful experience onsite.

This isn’t about replacing pest controllers - it still requires their skills to deal with the pest in the most effective way.  

Included are pest activity heat maps, showing where rodent activity has been prevalent over time, these support a more responsible use and positioning of rodenticide too.

Gary Nicholas, DPM Commercial Manager - UK & Ireland says, “Systems such as Envu Digital Pest Management allow the integration of rodenticides to be very targeted and precise in the way they are applied, which of course is crucial to be sustainable and responsible within our industry. A perfect rodenticide for this system, when needed, is Harmonix Rodent Paste.”

When using a product like Harmonix Rodent Paste alongside Digital Pest Management, PCO’s can begin with the non-toxic Monitoring Paste to achieve palatability in high traffic areas. When ready this can then be switched to the toxic bait for swift action. With this more targeted approach there is less rodenticide in the environment, further reducing the chance of secondary poisoning (although there is a low risk of secondary poisoning with Harmonix Rodent Paste already – read more about it here).

Another benefit for pest controllers is the auditable data and reports that the system provides. These can be shared with the client. It gives peace of mind that they are being compliant and means PCO’s can be fully transparent with their clients.


Here’s how it works…


The new payment plan – what you need to know

Following direct feedback from customers and their own understanding of how to improve the digital transformation, Envu Environmental Science has introduced a new, simplified payment model.  Rather than buying the system outright, DPM will now also be offered as a rental or lease system, offered on a cost per trap per month.  This cost includes traps, two gateways, access to the portal, the Envu DPM app, all data and a full support package by the DPM team based in the UK.  The lease term will be a minimum three-year period, with Envu replacing all existing traps with new if the lease is renewed for a further three-year term, therefore eliminating the need for any traps to be replaced due to excessive use or battery depletion.  This lease model also aligns with the quarterly invoicing model that pest controllers and their clients usually work to.

Gary adds, “Our new payment plan mitigates the risk to PCO’s of having to use working capital to buy Digital Pest Management. The three-year contract means the cost is spread over the three-year period making it easier to manage budgets.


Why is Digital Pest Management good for a pest controller’s clients?

Gary says, “Digital Pest Management provides transparency and openness, as clients can see in beautiful detail exactly the value of having real-time reporting with instant alerts to activity.

“It’s also great value for money. There won’t be any more time taken up by PCO’s bait box checking, as the technology is doing this with maximum efficiency. It’s freeing up their time to give a much more detailed and meaningful service visit when onsite, whilst receiving 24/7 monitoring all the time the PCO isn’t on site.”


Want to know more?

Contact your local Killgerm ASM for costs and quotations or if you are eager to find out more about how Digital Pest Management works and for a free demonstration contact Gary directly, Be sure to check out our dedicated web page here.

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