Meet Paul Fisher

Joining the UK team as the new Head of Sales UK and Ireland, Paul Fisher has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Environmental Science Industry.

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Paul Fisher

Paul brings over 20 years of experience to the Envu team, both from the service provider and supply chain sectors, giving him a unique perspective. We asked him some questions about his past, and his future. 


What experience have you gained in the industry?

“My experience has enabled me to interact with customers at all levels, from independent small business owners to technical managers of global account customers, by helping them protect their businesses from the risks and challenges that they face today.  Building strong relationships and trust has always been a key driver for me – it’s the way I work!” 


What can customers expect from you?

“By applying my customer support experience and industry knowledge that I have acquired over the years, I am looking forward to putting these skills to good use and helping our customers experience the kind of support that can be expected from a market leader such as Envu, building on our outstanding legacy and credentials.”

What really excites you about your new role?

“I have dedicated my career to genuinely helping customers. I am excited to continue to support and work closely with customers, by allowing them to make informed product choices through collaboration, and understanding what challenges we can help them overcome.  It’s our job to help them be at their professional best at all times.  Furthermore, I’m extremely excited about the opportunities within Envu, and being part of a market leading business with one of the strongest product portfolios.  And we have the freedom to bring more innovation to the market for the professional.”

What’s your best bit of advice for those beginning their career? 

“Be a lifelong learner - you can continue to learn no matter what stage of your career you are in; having the ability to learn new things or skills shows you are humble and have a desire for personal growth.  Stay curious, keep aspiring and learn from positive role models.”