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Whether it’s a large retail outlet, a fast-food chain, a smaller business or home, customers increasingly want to lower their impact on the environment both now and in future. They often want to be more efficient and effective too.

Pest control may not be an area they consider in detail, but we have. The solutions we offer today are more sustainable than those of the past, helping professional pest controllers and customers meet those broader objectives. From the packaging to the product, we’re using science and technology to do more with less. Envu's latest rodenticide, Harmonix for example, uses the minimum amount of active ingredient for maximum efficacy. 

Using a non-toxic bait to acclimatise targets is a simple yet effective way to minimise the amount of active required, but arguably the most interesting element is the formulation technology,” says Gary Nicholas, DPM Commercial Manager – UK & Ireland.  

“Our products’ chemistry delivers highly-targeted efficacy. Using the minimum amount of active is not only good for the environment, but helps us mitigate against the development of resistance – another issue which is sadly both here and now, and will continue to impact the future of pest control.”

One of the innovations that can potentially contribute the most to sustainability and future-proofing pest control, is the development of the Digital Pest Management System. “DPM gives 24/7 real-time status of all smart traps with instant alerts when a trap status changes. Early rodent detection is key to proactive control and elimination. With a connected system such as DPM, you’ll now have knowledge of rodent activity that has previously just not been possible. This knowledge helps to introduce rodenticides only where and when required in an almost surgically precise way” he says.

The Digital Pest Management System uses a wireless network of high-tech trap sensors in combination with an easy-to-use app for 24/7 monitoring. It provides real-time capture alerts and up-to-minute rodent activity verification.

“It saves pest controllers time, money and energy by minimising the need for visual inspections, which is of particular value when used in difficult to access sites and areas, such as ceiling and wall voids and confined spaces that require specific access permits” notes Gary. “It can also identify how and predict where activity and infestations are likely to re-occur by analysing the trends built up by the DPM data. Together this minimises the amount of rodenticide used.”

At a time when prices are rising and businesses and home-owners alike are seeking ways to cut costs, our Digital Pest Control System enhances the effectiveness and value of a pest controller’s work.

"It's the future of pest control" says Gary.

Digital Pest Management 
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