Celebrating youth in pest control

To celebrate World Youth Skills Day we take a look at the benefits of a career in pest control and dispel the misconceptions.

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World youth skills day

Introduction with Dee Ward-Thompson, Head of technical and membership at the British Pest Control Association (BPCA)

Do you like the idea of helping people, investigating like a detective and never being stuck behind a desk? Don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and working independently?
If that sounds like you, maybe you should consider a career in pest management.
I’m Dee Ward-Thompson, the head of technical pest management at the British Pest Control Association. I’ve been helping protect people from the diseases, destruction and distress pests cause for 20 years.   
Pest management might be older than the Pharaohs, but the sector is constantly innovating. With remote monitoring, tracking technology and smart devices – you’ll feel more like James Bond, than a Victorian rat catcher!
No two days are the same when you work in pest management. We need people with creativity, compassion, enthusiasm and technological skills. That’s why we’re keen to get young people interested in our field.
You need a thirst for knowledge, a can-do attitude, and good customer service skills to get involved. Understanding a bit of biology and having critical thinking skills will give you a head start. I’ve mentored several young people new to pest management. The ones that thrive have had an open mind and passion for problem-solving.
We’re a diverse bunch from all sorts of backgrounds – so if you’re even a little bit curious, come and find out more. The door is open for you. I walked through it 20 years ago, and I’ve never looked back!


A career like no other

Tim Peeling, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Envu Environmental Science says, “To be successful in pest control it’s 1% sales ability, 1% technical ability and 98% passion! There are some fantastic opportunities in pest control, no other career is so varied and has so many chances to progress.

“There are an ample amount of jobs and opportunities available, you just need to seize them.”

But don’t just take our word for it! We spoke with a few of Chris Cagienard’s team at Pest Solutions to get some first-hand insights from young people working in this sector.


It’s not just about pests

For young people with the right skills there are a number of career opportunities within the sector aside from being a technician, there are also things like marketing, sales and account management.  

And finally, we asked our very own Begum Erel, Head of Sales – UK & Ireland at Envu Environmental Science what’s her golden piece of advice for someone starting out in a new career?

“Always ask the right questions and validate your assumptions. Trust matters.”

Discover more about training for a career in pest control with the help of the BPCA.

Envu Environmental Science is committed to supporting youth in the sector and sponsors the Young Pest Controller of the Year Award at the National Pest Awards. As part of this Envu offered the three finalists of the 2021 Awards £500 worth of support, which has been used for training and to go towards text books.