Tim Peeling

Envu Environmental Science has appointed a new product manager to oversee the pest product portfolio.

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Tim Peeling has been working in the professional pest sector for over 15 years and brings a huge amount of experience to the team.

“I spent the first ten years of my career on the ground as a pest controller at Prokill and then moved onto to be a product manager at Pelsis which is where I spent the last five years,” says Tim.

“I’m delighted to join the team, and I’m really looking forward to overseeing the pest product portfolio, as well as getting involved in research and development which Envu is so well known for in the industry,” adds Tim.

“It’ll be great to get involved with exciting new product developments, as well raise awareness of new products on the market.”

Alan Morris, Envu head of environmental science, says the team are excited to have Tim on board.

“Tim’s ability to provide a wide range of experience and industry insight throughout the supply chain will be invaluable, especially with Envu continually investing in new developments to ensure they can offer a wide range of high-quality solutions to pest controllers,” concludes Alan.