Paul supports Envu’s account managers in their delivery of best-in-class customer support. He has nearly 25 years experience and blends his passion for sales, with detailed insight into the pest control sector. As well as establishing new systems and processes, designed to further enhance Envu’s offering to the industry, Paul’s launched various new, innovative products to the market.

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Paul Fisher

How many years have you worked in the industry/done a similar role?

24 years.

What experience have you gained prior to starting at Envu?

Before joining Envu, I worked in various positions within the pest control sector, from admin/sales support to service technician. That was until I discovered a passion for sales...

How long have you worked at Envu? (and what roles have you had, if you've had more than one role).

I joined Envu in August 2022 as a national account and technical manager which quickly led on to the opportunity of head of sales.

Tell us a bit about your current role and what you do at Envu.

I support our account managers with the tools and information they need to ensure distributors have best-in-class support from Envu. I also work with our customers to find out where we can better support them.

What is your biggest achievement since working at Envu?

The greatest sense of achievement I feel is helping the team and business to continue to deliver the most effective solutions.

What is your favourite thing about your role and working at Envu?

Since joining Envu, a large part of my role has been supporting the business to establish new systems and processes that allow us to continually deliver the highest standard of products and services that our distributors have expected.

What can customers expect from you?

Customers can expect a pragmatic and committed approach to help & support them in every interaction we have.

Favourite Food?

Steak and Chips - yum!

Favourite film?

The Goonies, Equalizer, Wolf of Wall Street, Heat, Point Break

Your weirdest fear?

Falling off a building