Alan Morris

Having worked in the pest control sector for 18 years, Alan Morris has extensive experience in the industry, and has been privy to many changes over the years.

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His first taste of the sector was in 1997, working in a sales administration role for AgrEvo, the environmental science company for professional pest control, and he hasn’t looked back since.

In 2000 when the company merged to become Aventis Environmental Science, Alan took up the role of European product manager. “This was quite a step up from managing the sales, orders and deliveries in the UK. It was challenging, but the experience taught me a lot,” says Alan.

“The role required me to travel around Europe, working on the ground with pest controllers from different countries, which gave me experience of the different pest control challenges.

“It was a really interesting time, we were ultimately preparing for what regulatory bodies would do and the future needs of the industry, and this strategic investment in the future of pest control and adapting accordingly, is what Envu as a company still does,” he says.

Alan has now taken on the position of Envu Environmental Science country head for UK & Ireland, moving on from his previous role as professional products head of sales.

"Having led the sales team for Envu Environmental Science for five years, I’m enthusiastic about the new role that will develop the direction of the business in sales and marketing, but most importantly, in solutions - from regulatory hurdles, to safeguarding products with stewardship initiatives and designing new technologies moving forward,” he says.