Chipco Green to be withdrawn from the market

A recent EU meeting, held by the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF), has voted for the non-inclusion of iprodione. This means that all products across Europe that contain this active ingredient, including Chipco® Green and Interface® from Envu, will be withdrawn from the market.

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Steve Bishop, Envu professional product manager, explains that the industry can expect an update in the coming weeks with regards to timescales for the sell-out and usage periods of iprodione product based registrations.

“We have a large regulatory team based in the UK who’ll keep the industry informed on all of the latest updates,” says Steve. 

Earlier this year, Envu launched Exteris™ Stressgard®, which increased the available number of fungicide groups from five to six, with the new turf SDHI fluopyram. 

“Unfortunately the loss of iprodione will reduce the available turf fungicide groups back to five, meaning that rotation strategy remains a critical element of integrated disease management,” explains Steve.  

“With other chemicals also due for assessment, a further reduction in the total number of products on the market, and therefore the number of available groups for rotation, for turf disease control is  not out of the question.

“This is why we’re constantly investing into the research and development of new chemistry, to continue to deliver solutions to our customers well into the future.”

For further information on the withdrawal of iprodione and Envu products, please contact the Turf Solutions Team on 00800 1214 9451 or email